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We can apply logos and designs to almost any garment either through embroidery, vinyl printing or sublimation printing. 


Vinyl printing: 
We offer single colour vinyl printing with a wide selection of colours. Our selection ranges from standard colours, such as black, white and navy, to more extravagant choices, such as pink glitter, rose gold and luminous yellow!
We also offer multi coloured vinyl printing, where you can have a multi-coloured logo or photograph printed onto a garment of your choice. 
Sublimation printing is when the ink of your logo is dyed into the fabric by heat transfer. Garments for sublimation must be polyester based.

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Our embroidery studio consists of single-headed and four-headed embroidery machines.
No matter how complex or intricate your logo is, we always aim to stitch your logo to the highest quality and definition as possible.
We calculate the price of your embroidered logo by size and stitch count. Therefore, all jobs are individually priced depending on your logo. 
We also hire out our single-headed machines for corporate events. Click here to find out more. 

If you would like to submit artwork please email direct to:

Once received, we will digitize your artwork to the correct file and resolution needed for print or embroidery.

*set up fees apply.

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We do not have minimum order policy. No job is too big or too small!

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